Our Process

Our Process

At Regal Creek Wealth Management, we believe it’s our duty to establish effective communication with clients right away. That’s why our process begins with a one-hour consultation at no charge to learn about you and to best understand your financial situation and future goals. We follow up that consultation with our four steps of financial planning: accumulation, distribution, protection, and legacy.


Life can take unexpected turns. Saving money to prepare for those detours is important. By funneling a certain amount consistently, we prepare you for sending your kids to college, retirement, and other big life events.


Retirement becomes a focus for much of our adult lives. Ideally, you will want to replace close to 80 percent of your income in order to maintain the same standard of living. Distribution determines the best ways how to accomplish this as the cost of living increases.


Following accumulation and distribution, we focus on protection from debt, estate expenses, and disability. How can we help you protect yourself? Your assets? What can you put in place to protect your children and your estate?


Determining how money will be handled after you’re gone can be difficult. We help guide you through the decision-making process to choose the best possible direction for your assets and estate.
Regal Creek Our Process

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