At Regal Creek Wealth Management, we believe that our clients should be treated like individuals when it comes to financial planning. We understand that everyone comes from different backgrounds, families, and situations. That’s why we are committed to creating personalized plans to fit your individual financial needs.


As an independent firm, we understand every client’s investment needs are different. Therefore, it’s our approach to get to know you before we talk strategy, as well as to educate you about all the investment options available. Then we’ll develop a blueprint for managing your investment portfolio successfully.

Retirement Planning

From accumulation of assets to their distribution, retirement planning is based on the answer to one question: How do I replace the majority of my income once I stop working? We will help you answer that question. Personal situations differ, and we are committed to helping our clients set a realistic financial plan for a secure financial future and retirement.

Estate Planning

Estate planning addresses this common question: What will happen to my assets once I’m gone? It’s important to plan who will take care of our children or how our assets will be divided. We’ll partner with you to create a personalized plan that allows you to feel comfortable building a trust, buying life insurance, planning for estate taxes, and talking to your heirs.

Charitable Giving

If you’d like to donate to a cause or an organization close to your heart after you’re gone, we’ll help manage the details of charitable estate planning. Charitable giving can provide many tax advantages, as well as serve as a legacy after you’re gone.

Asset Protection Planning

As a proactive legal action, asset protection planning keeps your assets safe from future creditors, lawsuits, divorce, or judgments. You cannot start this process after a lawsuit has been filed against you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to put an asset protection plan in place after you finalize estate plan details. Your plan, tailored to your specific assets, will cover all areas, from trusts to retirement accounts.

Securities Planning

Deciding the right time to start receiving Social Security benefits is a personal decision that differs for everyone. We are here to help you through this component of the retirement planning process and will guide you through the choices available.

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